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March 13 2017

Ripeness is all
ripe adjective \ˈrīp\  rip·errip·est
Definition of RIPE
1:  fully grown and developed : mature <ripe fruit> <ripe wheat>
2:  having mature knowledge, understanding, or judgment
3:  of advanced years : late <a ripe old age>
4a :  suitable, appropriate <the time was ripe for the attempt>

an alliance to shape the future of life - World Health Organization
The children of today are the adults of tomorrow.
They deserve to inherit a safer, fairer and healthier world.
There is no task more important than safeguarding their environment.

Our children can grow up to realize both their human rights and their full potential for health and productivity.

The website, not a blog but a portal, from which books derive. It does not get as a newspaper, but has to share reflections and studies without any periodicity in their publication and updating. Contents and images on the website are, and will be, updated - to be repeated -  without any periodicity, depending on the texts found directly, received by the editors or produced by them; any way we prefer almost ever to ground on new knowledge or deeper reflections reached also through advice and inputs - no matter if positive, doubtful or negative - which may be proposed over time. Permission granted for free distribution of copies for non-profit educational use. All other rights reserved for a website NON-PROFIT enterprise; collaboration is open and free if relevant to its purposes. Quotations taken from website and book are subject to Copyright: they must consequently be reported with full references to their provenience, while the Copyright for pages entirely offered by other authors remains with them.


The concept of BEING rightfully belongs to PHILOSOPHY, like the other fundamental and wider principle: the essence of TIME, of changes, of evolutions, of memory, of experience: in short of the FOURTH DIMENSION of everything, and even more of the living beings. Besides the rearing of babies is a turning point in the running flow of generations, preparing the future "being" of adulthood, and at the same time developing the composite world of the grown-ups' works.
Hence every fact and subjectively every moment of life move into MEMORY and its -  conscious – materialising into continuous and renewed EXPERIENCE.

Albert Einstein and the fourth dimension
An anecdote which perhaps has never actually happened, but which is anyway very instructive.
An old geometric riddle, presented as an anecdote in Maria Toffetti’s book, easily explains the concept of fourth dimension, too often not accepted or confined to irrational vagueness, a concept which would instead seem obvious both on a general level and, even more so, on the level of the living beings’ existence.
Albert Einstein, too, dealt with tetrahedrons: at a congress, having been criticised for his unexpected concept of a space-time in four dimensions, he asked his colleagues to build four equilateral triangles with six tooth pickers. Nobody in the room managed to place on a plane the tooth pickers to form the required triangles, which is, as a matter of fact, impossible. So Einstein built a tetrahedron with the six sticks and commented: “If you can’t use the third dimension, with which you make experiments every day, how can you hope to understand the fourth?”

What does exist is development, and the development is redeeming change
Childhood does not exist. What does exist is development, and the development is redeeming change



Children? The NOVELTY advancing.
Childhood does not exist. What does exist is development, and the development is redeeming change.
Healthy Child Development is Essential for Lifelong Health

The "TO BE" pertains to Ontological PHILOSOPHY on which TO RIPE outlines the importance of TIME as
1) This site and the book do NOT be then only a sociological text, neither - worse - a simple practical work endorsing private description and/or suggestion relevant to home management.
2) The main meaning of these whole studies explains and - moreover - avails the concept of CHILDHOOD  as first BASIC step regarding the real TO BE of the deepest human nature.

3) The book
CHILDHOOD : mutability's times considers and validates the children's point of view, DOMESTIC CHORES depicts the home-life also as work to rear them: however such a composite structure can be connected jointly by other vital, ring shaped necessary functions: CONSCIOUSNESS  AND MEMORY.

4) This book presents and completes the earlier Italian ones: CHILDHOOD: mutability's times and Domestic chores. Ergonomy and psychology of a REAL work: the first considers and validates the children's point of view, the second depicts the home-life as a "real" form of work and explains that to rear babies is a tourning point on the running flow of generations, so preparing as well the future "being" of adulthood together with developing the composite world of works

5) In fact if the TO BE definitely pertains to PHILOSOPHY, its TO EVOLVE  and TO REMEMBER outline as well a complementary key concept: the importance of TIME, as
6) To validate mutable times, changes, and possible evolution as core of life itself, MEMORYrelated together, but also can shelter their conscious embodiment to ripen for becoming EXPERIENCE.
7) not only can hold present and past Home-life, families, works and also people himself comprehend many protagonists, many situations and many past, present and future aspects: not only childhood and motherhood, not only development and rearing, but also not only bodies and manual toils as much emotions, and enlarging - sublimated - endeavors.
8) As are memory and family life themselves, all this circuitous matter does not be defined in a regular series of consequent chapters:
only if considered on circular orbits it can gather so  different and variant subjects.
9) Therefore all presented - different but complementary - subjects form a discontinuous philosophical ENCYCLOPEDIA suitable to be CONSULTED time by time.

10)  To add and to conclude: the meaning of the arrow on the title suggests three messages: support, direction but also "against".
11) In fact not always to describe children' life hints towards agreeable matters: in fact ogres exist and not only as fairy tales characters. So it is compelling to think not only about "support" and "direction" of the arrow, but also to recognize - and fight - the "against" bad side

Books and files of a site give two possibilities to have knowledge of a so crucial topic.
Any way on the whole site links and quotations are continually refreshed instead of what will happen for the "static" book, but, since to read a book - a real book on paper - is easier than reading long files on-line, the English pages of this site - as has already been done for the Italian book from this site Bambini di ieri = adulti di oggi. Adulti di oggi -> adulti di domani - are PUBLISHED, PRINTED and SOLD as a NORMAL BOOK, From children of  YESTERDAY to adults of  TOMORROW opening with this page as chapter n.1. Printed by the CreateSpace system it is available for purchase on,, - which holds as well all our books - and also on Kindle. Any way mostly for European readers one can find a more complete and better presented Edition on Cortinalibri.

it is ever to be pointed out that the long times to technical composing of printed material book couldn't follow the speedy times to up-date a Web site: then the right away "obsolete" book must time by time be compared with the site which will be under continual construction.

As for Italian readers also for English understanding ones it is ever pointed out that - on the whole site - links and quotations and even texts are continually refreshed. Any way it is also to specify that the best welcome help should arise from "your" - readers -  data, making a continual running beyond. So - if we do NOT ask at all for sponsors - we are moreover longing for comments, suggestion, even debate.
From children of  YESTERDAY to adults of  TOMORROW
is print-ready in the CreateSpace system and will be available for purchase on Abebooks, holding also all our books - and in, and also on Kindle; easier for European people, at The book endorses this page as chapter 1.
After the dedicated file/chapter, factually prefacing the English pages, the file/chapter ... From today's adults -> to adults of Tomorrow... should be considered a keen introduction to and beginning of the whole site: or better it sets up the essential meaning of the whole work - personal researches, site and books. Any way this meaning can be furthermore proved on the files/chapters more in depth evidencing Author's personal Introduction, completed by ... my guides... my roots..., which more widely consolidates teaching references, and by Opinion, fact, complaint to reinforce the whole message explaining the applied method to face comments and controversies. All this could furthermore afford a prospect on Psychosomatic Medicine - the real Author's job: to integrate by the parallel files/chapters: Consciousness and memory, Anamnesis? A way for healing... and more in-depth Sublimations: visual schemes and scientific explanation and indirectly by the guest file/chapter What is "Emotional Labour"?
On committing the task to study the most of  human possibilities to evolve, it is not surprising to meet going on progress not only praiseworthy but alongside also worsening evil: thus it should not be conflicting to add in this site/book pages describing this "dark sided" evolutionary field - look mostly at the horrific testimonies on ESPERIMENTI SU BAMBINE/I mainly in Italian but with English synopsis and partial translations.

But just after book published, further considerations suggested to better and more precisely complete these crucial files: so much amplified to occasion a latest - strengthen and more accurate - edition to support the previous one. The launching file/chapter
... from today's adults -> to adults of Tomorrow... needs notwithstanding to be followed by topics more in depth evidencing the Author's personal introductory data, also on their continual development: so by files/chapters renewed with improved notices and also with results of better settled discussions. If the files/chapters Children of YESTERDAY = today's adults. Today's adults -> adults of TOMORROW completed by ... from today's adults -> to adults of Tomorrow...  setting up the essential meaning of the whole should not only be considered the presentation and beginning of the whole site/book: they are also followed and consolidated by the files/chapters evidencing the Author's personal knowledge by showing - even in not English files/chapters  preliminary excerpts of the message and the sources of her teaching references. Moreover to support them has to be utterly keep in view the principal purposes: to straight emphasize the "fourth dimension" of human life, moving from childhood and its obliged passages of development to further evolutions and their everlasting presence into memory - either conscious and meaningful or "removed": unconscious and often damaging.
These concepts however are forcefully dynamic and then these topics must ever precisely and timely be enabled by continual basic adds and conceptual revision. Therefore it is not adequate to read them on a static book: the real relevance of such lively - not theoretic - subjects has to be reached and considered often confronting the Web site, moreover on its ever up-dated files as Consciousness and memory, Anamnesis? A way for healing.... But the "fourth dimension" of the time has not to prevail on the other three ones of space and its properties: at any time they are to be compared together and secured on a wholeness. Just the far-reaching SUBLIMATIONS: VISUAL SCHEMES AND SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION file/chapter is done to complete the above quoted parts, but it introduce also a more general learning: the interactions between corporeal occurrences and their inter-action - into and from - external world, which can be defined the background of the PSYCHOSOMATIC science.
Obviously here one touches subjects which can distress some ones and so become open to question: then this file/chapter matches also other most controversial files, to begin from an open to question file, absent in the Italian book: TOTEM AND TABOO REVISITED: awful and fertile rise of new superstitions (but present - as chapter 26 - in another site/book It's Abuse NOT Science fiction) indirectly mirroring and completing an otherwise only Italian, also controversial, essential file/chapter Imbroglio è il contrario di sviluppo which title reflects an Italian pun authoritatively stated on the main Dictionary of Synonyms and Contraries: its approximate translation has been used as subhead on the very title of the fundamental file/chapter Anamnesis: a way for healing...
To coil reflects to involve: is it the contrary of to develop? At a good side: only wrapped buds can flourish; but also to uncoil embroiled matters can assist development once restored past; whilst - at a bad side - a synonym of involved is embroil/mislead meaning also FRAUD]
Even more bitter controversial is the file/chapter presented in both languages: Opinioni, fatti, accuse / Opinion, fact, complaint - also present more complete on another site/book Opinioni o peggio: accuse? Opinion or accusation? - to specify design and aims for refuting any risk of misunderstanding. The Italian file/chapter only parallel with this one - Dal SUBLIMATO al CONCRETO / From SUBLIMATED towards CONCRETE - is satirically underlined by a not translated mocking cartoon: to explain PSYCHOSOMATIC mirroring real work mixed up with "bowels urge".

ALL English files are very deeply revised and printed on a book, to endorse all the English pages of the site and also the English quotes of the bilingual ones: but
it should again and again pointed out that unfortunately, as happens for the Italian one, the long times to technical composing of printed material book couldn't follow the speedy times to up-date a Web site: on the mean time it has already moved farther from the staying "static" book. Then books risk to become right away "obsolete" if not time by time compared with the site. "Medicine" matters, human bodies and bodily deeds are at first place of the Author's interests and job: then the newest Cortina edition holds basic data recently added on the files My guides... my roots... and on International links: BODY and its wisdom is presented as another authoritative Master to correct previous omission.


Anna Abbiate Fubini

Children of YESTERDAY 
adults of TOMORROW

Growing child when unfolding
fundamental experiences -
according to
rhythms and phases
unique to him/herself -
needs to be accompanied
 by supporters heeding them.

Each of us, however even good, prepared, cultured
parents, doctors and teachers 
    can commit continual disastrous violence
 on the helpless psyche of the child,
         believing for his/her own good
in an immature, insensible way 
or endorsing fashionable schools of thought.
This famous quotation emphasizes this BASIC responsibility:
Toutes les grandes personnes ont d'abord été des enfants. (Mais peu d'entre elles s'en

Proposal: time to develop / experience to ripe
Chapter 1: FOURTH DIMENSION: illustrated Project

Chapter 2 Anamnesis? A way for healing

first month

a little defy

noisy creatures

play ground

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As the Italian pages of this site, also the English ones are printed in a REAL BOOK:


From children of YESTERDAY to adults of TOMORROW

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A site with a lot of links regarding Children Rights

Chapter 1: FOURTH  DIMENSION: illustrated Project

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The website, which is not a blog but a portal, from which books are derived, too, is not a newspaper, in that it is specifically finalized to sharing reflections and studies without any periodicity in their publication and updating. Contents and images on the website are, and will be, updated, without any periodicity, depending on the texts received by the editors or produced by them, on the basis of new knowledge or deeper reflections reached also through advice and inputs - positive, doubtful or negative - which may be proposed over time.
The website is a NON-PROFIT enterprise; collaboration is open and free if relevant to its purposes, and quotations taken from the website and the book are subject to Copyright: they must consequently be reported with full references to their provenience, while the Copyright for pages entirely offered by other authors remains with them.

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Don't forget that the site is always up-dated and under easy and active renew also with - ever welcome - readers aid, criticism or suggestion. Has it to be visited once more from time to time? you can assume that any new data you can give will be considered. After all every reference, suggestion and PICTURE are always noticed and linked to their real source: as for example this picture has been downloaded from the look at runningcenterclub .

Project of this book

The large show of so many book titles or Authors' names, may share a helpful, continually up-dated: linked book titles or Authors' names, as well as the links suggesting assorted external Web sites share a helpful and continually up-dated bibliography especially that often unnoticed or overlooked. In fact although the site does NEVER display the characteristics of an electronic magazine, notwithstanding its recurrent changement - even if never periodical, but rather occasional - are timely made when novelties or correction occur, or - and even preferably! - when new data, better pictures or corrections are suggested by readers. All this is not only EVER noticed as linked to their ever revised source, as much - if requested - granted for Copyright of their Authors: so if the up-dates have to be reached only on-line, at least references can be recognized since indirectly displayed: every picture, every UNDERLINED title of books or articles, sites, authors, citations or even apparently simple words or quotes are Web contextual files where the - carefully chosen and continually revised - data can easily be reached, as even if ONLY Web hyperlinks. This choice doesn't give an usual presentation of references: according to customary book it can look instead ill-defined and tangled. But on purpose this option is settled upon to offer not a simple "list" but an open view on the direct actuality of quotations, and moreover a wider immediate possibility to browse afar on books and Authors: even on and from the mighty Web books stores Amazon and Barnes & Noble with their readers' comments, similar books' offers, comparative list of other books by the same Author and Printing House and even samples of the book's content.
On the other hand the material in a conventional book must follow a linear logical structure of precise "chapters" and an index referring to rigidly numbered pages; but, since a Web site can follow other rules and allows more possibilities, every Web page can be read by itself as a magazine "article", or better as Encyclopedic lemma: coming directly from it, the derived chapters of this common book having the so numerous references - only indirectly displayed by UNDERLINED words - enables it to be read by itself and not regularly as a "chapter" of a "usual" book: no matter then if often many whole paragraphs are set - more or less identical - in many chapters as they belong to many files.
Significant files of the site - and then chapters of this book - are only in English, some files - and therefore some chapters of the Italian book - can be reached only in Italian: any way in the two languages positive data and even possible recoveries from negative ones are revealed and demonstrated not only by published references as much with many first hand quotations.
A suggestion: anyone who can understand both languages is encouraged to read both series of files - and related chapters - since they are not mirrors of each other. The content is not the same: not only since - at least only up to now - some important Italian files haven't been translated, and some quotes are not included in both, but also since many bibliographies are different in their complementary data. Many references are only in one and not in the other series of files: a more plentiful bibliography and testimonies can be found in some English files and another in the Italian ones, but there are however chapters and quotes absent in the Italian book - as Psychocivilization and its discontents, Flashbacks and Memory Recovery and Screen Memories, together with the high-priority file TOTEM AND TABOO REVISITED: the awful and  fertile rise of new SUPERSTITIONS - which are already printed as chapters in another book: It's Abuse NOT Science fiction as chapters (respectively 16, 21, 32, 26).
Any way this whole site holds into a large display of references for all the presented topics causing at first confusion: so one has to begin the reading of the text, disregarding the redundant, manifold and cross referenced links. Only in a second perusal are they profitable and useful SUGGESTION to go towards, or to go over the subjects which are of foremost interest to everyone. However if this display of links may seem ugly to look at and at first sight difficult to value it is the basic aim of this site: a continual offer of new and renewed proposals towards INFORMATION, especially those often unnoticed or ovrlooked. Thus a so large show of so many book titles or Authors' names, may share a helpful, continually up-dated BIBLIOGRAPHY, as well as all links suggesting other inner topics or assorted external sites. At the same aim it is suitable to glance at the continually renewed LINKS pages: both Italian and Intenational.

A' Léon Werth

Je demande pardon aux enfants d'avoir dédié ce livre à une grande personne. J'ai une excuse sérieuse cette grande personne est le meilleur ami que j'ai au monde. J'ai une autre excuse: cette grande personne peut tout comprendre, meme les livres pour enfants. J'ai une troisième excuse: cette grande personne habite la France où elle a faim et froid. Elle a bien besoin d'être consolée. Si toutes ces excuses ne suffisent pas, je veux bien dédier ce livre à l'enfant qu'a été autrefois cette grande personne
Toutes les grandes personnes ont d'abord été des enfants. (Mais peu d'entre elles s'en souviennent).

Je corrige donc ma dédicace:

A' Léon Werth
Quand il était petit garçon
Original dedication of the legendary book:
le petit prince

These below links send to a wide range of sociological and also philosophical books

Children rearing and home life: the running times

But what means the "TO BE" pertaining to basic PHILOSOPHY?
TO EVOLVE and to EXPERIENCE outlining the key importance of TIME?

To better open the explanatory Part 1, the file/chapter ... from today's adults -> to adults of Tomorrow... appears split in two parts: the general Introductory Note with the basics, and the simple preliminary English preface of the two Italian books - INFANZIA: tempo di mutamenti and LE FACCENDE DOMESTICHE: Ergonomia e psicologia di un VERO lavoro - better and deeper describing their contents and aims in the files / chapters: Childhood: times of mutability, DOMESTIC CHORES. Ergonomics and Psychology of a TRUE work
Together with the text they address and explain very important topics which may seem simplistic but are, in fact, controversial and difficult: in reality they consider arguments which address the personal life of ANYONE in all its contradictions. The main topics of all is a continuing development of a line of reasoning regarding child rearing and development, but regarding also not only all PERSONAL evolution, but also all human activities and formation with their factual evolutive issues - "impersonal" since regarding "deeds" and not living beings.
Thus the main topics of all these studies endorses controversial and difficult arguments: mostly since if babies are really to be considered as new-persons the more momentous purpose notifies that how-to-manage them implies what these further new grownups will become.
But just to give a more scientific balance to the whole book by more variant sides to be considered, following this file/chapter a main chapter - Anamnesis: a way for healing... - condenses into: children's lives and communication, adults' memories and past-childhoods, children's development difficulties and possibilities to recover...
Today's adults supporters, or enemies of tomorrow's adults ?

It should be pointed out that there are two main ways to rear them as NEW PERSONS: it is to say to model the new generation. But generations to come interweave with generations already "matured": then - and perhaps above all - it is also to think about that every present grownups were children of yesterday coming to grips with their own well or badly-lived childhood.

Children? The NOVELTY advancing.
Immaturity? Childhood does not exist.
What does exist is DEVELOPMENT, and the development is redeeming change.
How to reach a merry development of girls and boys?

In fact: not always children rearing hints towards agreeable matters, and birth could be either a joyful or a painful occurrence. (The only Italian files/chapters: Un brutto sogno: una bambina e un'incubatrice: esperienza dalla nascita with its shared first hand Document don't have been translated just to preserve their genuine testimony,)
Childhood: times of mutability, toughened by Consciousness and memory, examines the raising of new generations according to two main directions, managing:
  1.  a thriving, promising future for really renewed generations
  2. or, on the contrary children trained to get as tamed "tools", praising only a fixed a-temporal past, dispossessed of personal will and experience: a way full of wicked misconceptions, a way against every "new", against every "different", besides against childishness itself.
  3. to recall previously unaccepted PAST MEMORIES can allow to FIND ONESELF again and to restore the previously blocked and/or never developed emotions - including curiosity, fantasy and participation as well as future projects.
  4. on the contrary a carried on inadequate development as well its parallel folly - as oblivion of a great sorrow - can raise a going forward inadequacy raising further monsters and monsters and dependency, in turn fostering the dangerous proneness to superstition.
Any way every topics displayed in both languages introduce the primary meaning and aim of this whole work and related studies: Ethics and Ontology - together - of mankind to be absolutely considered with its FOUR DIMENSIONS: it is to say the three of Space completed by TIME.
As well as in (Italian) Consapevolezza e memoria, the file/chapter Consciousness and memory widely explains this principle but even in a more impressive way by its wider assortment of quotations.
Moreover the concept of MEMORY means also how an "ripe" person HAS to remember and consider his/her childhood experiences.

The meaning of the arrow on the site and book title suggests three messages: it could be a sign of help. of direction or also a hint to "against". But just here it is to be pointed out that - as for all topics - markedly when considering the bad side on the Web site some files do not mirror each other and then also the correponding book chapters don't be present on the two books:
  1. mostly only in Italian are the essential, detailed, expanded file/chapter Imbroglio è il contrario di sviluppo [= to embroil/mislead - or better to involve - notes the contrary of to develop, untilto embroilcan become even FRAUD]
  2. and the autobiographical one Cosa ho in comune io con gli schiavi? Piero, Ada e la scuola della libertà, a text explaining in depth the very Author's base and orientation.
However if the above pointed out two files / chapters reflect and unfold the one a lemma of a classic Italian Dictionary and the latter brings about an Italian controversy style="font-family: garamond;">, the suggestion regarding to coil/involve as contrary of to develop - also to be assumed that to uncoil can assist development once restored past embroils - is too important not to be explained in some quotes of English files, to begin by Anamnesis: a way for healing...
Even if these files do be absent as chapters on this English book, other fundamental topics should  be completed by particular detailed, informative files/chapters, instead at hand only on the English issue. Part 5: opponents and "guest" pages if includes two chapters present as files in both languages, Delgado & Skinner and ...basta un poco di zucchero e la pillola va giù - here instead modified into Ritalin and ADHD: a spoonful of sugar... - moreover is also better built-up by some English only guest-files/chapters - Psychocivilization and its discontents, Flashbacks, Memory Recovery and Screen Memories - and mostly by a script which gathers and settles incisively two Anthropological Reports which title itself - TOTEM AND TABOO REVISITED: awful and fertile rise of new superstitions - introduces a strong survey of the contrary of a thriving development / evolution. Furthermore if one needs to read them on an "on paper version" these chapters - not printed on Bambini di ieri=adulti di oggi. Adulti di oggi->adulti di domani - can be reached on another site and already printed on its mirroring book It's Abuse NOT Science fiction (respectively as chapters 16, 21, 32 and 26).

From beginnings to CONCRETENESS...: spaces, forms and trans-formations

The shared Italian books - INFANZIA : tempo di mutamenti and LE FACCENDE DOMESTICHE: Ergonomia e psicologia di un VERO lavoro - are themselves in fact very different even as style, for better to point out how they are rather specular since they handle - indeed the same subject - but from fronting sides. Noticed and explained, described and discussed in each topic, also by reading the many quoted Authors, insistence should be maintained on the importance of "basics" also with the repeated use of words pertaining to the verb and noun "found" ("fundamental", "foundation"...). At least the emphasis put on the importance of - fulfilled or troubled - developmental phases, and their difference from simple "to grow" clearly and widely demonstrates the real proposal of the complete present writings, besides - shared and demonstrated by texts and images, contents and quotations -  all has to point out also enlarged times (plural): the  historic, generational turnover from childhood to whole life even till old ages.
If CHILDHOOD: Times of mutability - with the whole Part 2: children - considers and validates the children's point of view and DOMESTIC CHORES. Ergonomy and psychology of a REAL work  - with the whole Part 3: home and its inhabitants - depicts the home-life chores also as work to rear them: such a composite structure can be connected jointly by the basic function of Consciousness and Memory - furthered by the whole, good and bad, Part 4: Consciousness.
But home-life, families, works and also people himself comprehend many situations and aspects: not only childhood and motherhood, not only development and rearing, but also games; not only homes but also open air... not only implying bodies and manual toils since also emotions, and enlarging, "orbiting" - sublimated - endeavors, the whole taken part by many protagonists: as fathers, boys, girls, peers and siblings, relatives and neighbourghs.


Emotions? Emotional labour? Domestic chores
? Something as a pun: works to grant REST, and not only support? for all family's members except for protagonist?
Trapeze artist's "demanding skill"? "Eroic" every day life for women's work-force?
Demanding Skill: Women and Technical Education in Australia (Paperback)
by Barbara Pocock - Allen & Unwin (April 1, 1989)
(Cover design of a "trapeze artist": Donna Rawlins)

Particularly noteworthy for the general meaning of this site/book is


Sublimations' prospect"Cyclonic" movement schematizing ublimations
Sublimations: schematic prospect as "cyclonic/anticyclonic" movement

For a first glance on the general topics of the site/book go to the more explanatory pages:
...from today's adults to adults of Tomorrow: Books: Preface, Comments, Up-dates, Explanations.

Anamnesis: a way for healing...

Guides & roots
and to the main purposeful and/or at issue ones
Consciousness and memory
Opinion, fact, complaint
TOTEM and TABOO revisited:  awful and fertile rise of new SUPERSTITIONS
and a new add to more impressively explain the dark side: ESPERIMENTI SU BAMBINE/I
 Blind Obedience to authority?
Lack of self-reliance, self-respect, consciousness of responsibility?

"Fear" believes to keep safe on building barricades: and then narrows spaces, knowledge, relationship and understanding... and widens on return new fearfulness and dependency.
 On return again and again it widens new fearfulness and more and more intrusive dependency: who is easily deceived or cheated: FOOL

copyright Pucci Violi

The adverse side

the far-sighted lynx: positive but warning
Sleeping reason breeds monsters and monsters? Then it is compelling to WATCH, to WATCH. to WATCH. Ever should be rejected not documented mere assertions, even together with not enough probed one self's own feelings. DOUBTS sustaining to MIND and WIDE RANGE AWARENESS must be ever every time and for every one the foremost GUIDES.

the ogre

Too often not only serene and congenial subjects can be shared: also opposing deeds and damaging ideas occur and can spread devastation. Thus it is compelling every time to recognize and make known such dangers, as assumed by Martin Luther King, Nobel Peace Price 1964:
 A time comes when silence is betrayal
In fact tolerance so often dangerously hides indifference, and acceptance alike misleads omertà - i.e. as in the movie consoirancy of silence - if not even conscious, coward betrayal.

Look then at:

Healthy Child Development is Essential for Lifelong Health
Caring for Every Child's Mental Health

developing girls and boys instead misled towards: short, noisy creatures?

Take a look for a bit of blue humor: Etiology & Treatment if Childhood, but consider seriously the same argument on: Delgado & Skinner, whose projects are confirmed on the confidential interview:
Psychocivilization and its discontents
table 43 of Caprichos by Goya:
Sleeping reason breeds monsters...

43. El sueño de la razón produce monstruos. En la parte anterior de una mesa situada a la izquierda del grabado se lee el titulo del capricho.
A. La fantasía, abandonada de la razón, produce monstruos y unida con ella es madre de las artes.
P. La fantasía, abandonada de la razón, produce monstruos imposibles; unida con ella es madre de las artes y origen de las maravillas.

BN. Portada para esta obra: cuando los hombres no oyen el grito de la razón, todo se vuelven visiones.

Fantasy DISOWNED by reason breeds impossible monsters? When instead together they foster Arts and source of their portents!

The only Italian file Imbroglio/sviluppo issued on purpose to enter on a contingent - Italian - controversy, in addition it embodies an Italian pun not easily translated [= To involve notes the premise of to develop, since nothing can de-velop if previously not in-volved, but if to involve/embroil is the contrary of develop, embroil/mislead can also mean FRAUD].
Notwithstanding, even if arising from an Italian almost personal case, this file regards a very far-reaching motivation not at only personal argument: thus it should be enlightening to read together the files (and chapters of each book) - Imbroglio è il contrario di sviluppo and TOTEM AND TABOO: it is substantial to consider their matching denunciations, in many ways evidenced from different sides. Strengthened with many quotations and explaining images, they both deplore the human proneness to be DUPED and intimidated instead of being wise and perceptive; they both denounce the commonplace proclivity to prefer to be as a rule deceived and narrowed instead of choosing knowledge and a thriving evolution. With much evidence the - only English - last one shows and emphasizes how just to develop and to breed arouse fears and promote incoherent superstitions, foster triumphant not only confusion and misleading but troublesome embroils spread consequently towards future. In fact all problems regarding body and health, protection and risks, to develop and to breed reveal the proneness of mankind to be duped, and then fear of the unknown feeds trust in magic or chance and consequently this false and stubborn conception of causation promotes increasing ignorance - it is to say: the will not to know, not only as actual lack of knoledge but as proposal to blind the mind on regard of these matters.
Then both files / chpaters share their strong message, with an assortment of data and concepts, confronting or at least alluding to a rather pessimistic review of human weakness, overwhelmed by stupidity and/or even by real human WICKEDNESS. In Totem and Taboo file/chapter a part is prevailing as more demonstrative: see its subhead sleeping position where a dangerous stupidity is more widespread for its absolute absurdity and uselessness, even till BECOME dangerous even leading to fatality.

Je ne suis pas d'accord avec ce que vous dites, mais je defendrai jusqu'à la mort votre droit à le dire

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
Ch.7: Helvetius: The Contradiction, p.199; because of quote marks around the original publication of these words, they are often attributed to Voltaire, though Hall was not actually quoting him but summarizing his attitude with the expression. The statement was widely popularized when misattributed to Voltaire as a Quotable Quote in Reader's Digest (June 1934), but in response to the misattribution, Hall had been quoted in Saturday Review (11 May 1935), p. 13, as stating: I did not mean to imply that Voltaire used these words verbatim and should be surprised if they are found in any of his works. They are rather a paraphrase of Voltaire's words in the Essay on Tolerance
 Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too.
The phrase was invented by this later author as an epitome of his attitude. It comes from The Friends of Voltaire, written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall and published in 1906 under the pseudonym Stephen G. Tallentyre. Hall said that she paraphrased Voltaire's words in his Treatise on Toleration, which includes such thoughts as:
Not only is it extremely cruel to persecute in this brief life those who do not think the way we do, but I do not know if it might be too presumptuous to declare their eternal damnation.

But if
as a rule this sentence could sound right, such a proposal should NOT be accepted when more or less unfair "opinions" are displayed, when evil DOCUMENTS and real DEEDS should have their factual place. The "controversial" and explanatory file/chapter Opinion, fact, complaint - as well  the file of another site Opinioni o peggio: accuse / Opinion or accusation? - shares the purposes to openly assume such a lack of tolerance.

Lack of tolerance? or silence as betrayal?
Sleeping reason breeds monsters and visions? Or is reason rejecting living emotions which builds impossible monsters and evil accomplishments? And what to do when an indifferent lack of sympathy fosters the more skilled cleverness to be used for improve wicked, destructive aims? Has "irrational" to be rooted out? Or isn't just the disparaging word irrational misleading the - on the contrary - main function of emotions? What to think on regard of a proposal commanding that Childhood, Motherhood, Home, Family, Freedom, even Love must be considered as enemies?

Therefore strictly to be kept in mind are files/chapters pertaining to this opponent side:
Read the file/chapter Delgado & Skinner completed with the interview - Psychocivilization and its discontents - being its true, broadening and explicative extension.

Look and ponder seriously the - dismal - subjecs shared on the below files:
Memory recovery and screen memories
Dissociation and cults 
giulemanidaibambini ©Ritalin and ADHD: a sponful of sugar...
We recommend again - and again - the file/chapter Anamnesis: a way for healing... and SUBLIMATIONS: visual schemes and scientific explanation since Medicine - with its knowledge and its misconception, its advantages and its misconducts - are at the core of the know-how for this whole work...

Proceeding ages, proceeding generations, children's needs and old people's meanness... on the clutches of unhealthy medicine: consider so serious matters when so much misused to become almost laughable:

Neuroleptic drugs to control hallucinations, no matter at whichever age?
Did exist really a "delusional" beast? Is it a delusion or this above -  beautiful - cat?


A very old woman in an Old Age Hospital was telling in her rough Piedmont dialect - more similar to French than Italian:
- Mi sun pa fola! La bes-ccia a y è da bun

[- Je ne suis pas folle! La bête y est tout bonnement!]
- [I am not crazy, the beast really exists!]

and the Cheshire Cat in Geriatric Depression?

Smiling Cheshire cat on Alice in wonderland?
From the authoritative Am J Psychiatry comes a firm disavowal against a "big" statistical research regading old depressed patients: read the text by dr. Bernard J. Carroll (Aprile 2004)

Cheshire cat

And then come back at encouraging knowledge and regained times

The content of another - only Italian - important file Cosa ho in comune io con gli schiavi? Piero, Ada e la scuola della libertà complements the ones shared above: completing and confirming the main purposes of the whole site/books indirectly defining similar intents though using different themes,  illustrations and quotations.

What is to be partaken with slaves?
What to partake with slaves? Furthermore as doctor the possibility to promote their deliverance.

Emmi Pikler book
look at Emmi Pikler's presentation: her proposal, her work, her supporters and their books and videos - a whole antithesis against the static design which considers "infancy" a separate world whatsoever everlasting immobilized from birth to teen age into an everlasting separate world from grown-up people's lives!
Think about and learn to better observe children on the whole file/chapter Childhood: times of mutability and as a rule benefit of their wide references.

Consciousness and memory and Anamnesis: a way for healing... are stricly bound together, managing the same matter with different purposes and different resources to highlight the of this whole site: the connection between main topic personal past and present, as well the possibility to amend oblivion as real powerful implement of medical profession. Therefore consider and bear in mind the subheads of Anamnesis? A way for healing...: difficult job, emotions, medicine:

persons and tree


Humankind correspondence with tree

On the site some texts are only partly translated, whilst on the book they can be reached and developed on other chapters

Italian related books and PDF files

Cover of the first edition of the matching Italian book:

first edition cover

And again a recollection of Author's books regarding family life and children development

book cover

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Read also the Amazon's Author presentation
Anna Abbiate Fubini-Biography&Bibliography

It is also to strictly recommend another Author's book endorsing directly and subordinately alluding to some founding principles of these studies

Per una crescita libera
How praiseworthy does NOT to interfere in babies' freedom of movement until their birth!
movement competence

(The children's images are downloaded from Emmi Pickler's book: illustrator Klàra Pap.)

Emmi Pikler
In German as: Lasst mir Zeit, Miteinander vertraut werden
Friedliche Babys, zufriedene Mütter. Pädagogische Ratschläge einer Kinderärztin von Emmi Pikler, Anna Tardos (Herausgeber)
Unfolding of Infants' Natural Gross Motor Development
(Keep an eye out also on Videos produced by the Pikler-Loczy Emmi Pikler Institute).
(The prevailingbibliography is however in German)

PDF of complete books
Infanzia:un mestiere difficilissimo Copertina libro Infanzia
Consapevolezza e Memoria

Read also the Amazon's Author presentation
Anna Abbiate Fubini-Biography&Bibliography

Look also to PDF files/chapters:
Consapevolezza e memoria
Quando la cartella clinica è terapeutica... Dare ai ricordi una specie di seconda vita?
Medicina: scienza applicata e multidisciplinare: Emozioni, istinti, ricordi, contraddizioni
Danza-del-tempo. Giornata.pps
Danza lenta
Presentazione professionale
Presentazione-libri : Author's books
war crimes and "sons of hate": STUPRI DI GUERRA: i figli dell'odio

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Front and back cover with the more explaining title-page tell immediately who are the readers chosen for this work: a book not to be "misused" as a mere source of counseling on " how to rear children".
On he contrary - no matter at whichever age, no matter from whichever personal familiar situation - EVERY ONE can be the favorite reader: every one who lives his/her present existence as a WHOLENESS from the past – ever to be present in memory and experience - towards a still "coiled" future, in part already about to become real, with also the aim to enjoy at best and at maximum the real circumstances of the present - personal and not only. 
This book is written in English, not in such "good" English but in a language that I fear so different from the official standards that I don't dare to make known the names of who helped with some good - even very good - translations. But this sort of "pidgin English" is a deliberate choice: not only the dimension of TIME is a basic of mankind nature, also the world's SPACE and its dissimilarities, peoples and habits are funding reality in everyone's personal life. So, as one can gather from the multifarious users who look at the Website, this subject has to be made readable worldwide as a book through an INTERNATIONAL version of the lingua franca English happens to be today. We assumed that all our "English" quotations are authentic, but we have to apologize for a not complete genuineness for this statement. A big lot of "international" readers searches our site and offers useful links to be quoted, a lot coming from about fifty Nations: but many of them speak and moreover WRITE with different characters than our Latin ones - Greek, Cyrillic, Arab, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese ...  Then we chose to simplify all the scripts using their own pages translated and transcript on the English as the considered worldwide mostly in Internet as the main "lingua franca".
For the same reasons the appearance of the printed book looks different of usual printed matters: as on the starting Web site, together with their lot of pictures, the choice to take advantage of various styles and contrasting signs can try to "mimic" the spoken modulation. Summarizing it indicates that such a subject has to be not seriously and continuously "read" but rather "questioned" as it would have been a conversation matter.  As shared above this site and then also the derived book do NOT be a fount of notices but an ENCYCLOPEDIC gather of different subjects: one another to be read time by time, or better to be CONSULTED even for learning, but never forget to look at the progressing Web site always maintained under speedy and diligently revised construction, also with readers' aid:
On the matter of fact people had to lament hindrances on looking through this site, and asked to be better orientated. To favour this need the site's map changed: as first sight one can begin from a simplified page opening wide the whole indexed files, both the Italian and the English and plurilingual ones, eventually before looking at this file prefacing the English pages, future first chapter of the English book. Any way the site is continually up-graded: to be carefully informed it is suitable to go to the dedicated file Novelties on the site.

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LAURA PUCCI VIOLI children and catchildren and cat

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